In Illinois, driving under the influence not only brings you to court, but also puts your driver’s license at risk.

Illinois DUI Law

Driving under the influence defines all types of impaired driving from driving while under the influence of alcohol and or drugs. Even if your blood-alcohol is between 0.05 and 0.08%, you may still be cited for a DUI if your behavior suggests that you are impaired. If your blood alcohol level is 0.08% or higher, the arresting officer will suspend your license for 180 days. Although they give you 45 days before the suspension is in effect, it is imperative to have an experience lawyer working for you to avoid any errors before the 45th day.

Potential Defenses

The potential defenses in drunk driving cases are limitless, therefore you will need to decide on a DUI lawyer that has the knowledge of any and all of the possible defenses. The most common defenses are as followed:

  • Blood-alcohol concentration registered many chemical compounds found on the human breath as alcohol, this is non-specific analysis.
  • Implied consent warnings from the police officer were not given prior to you declining to take a chemical test.
  • Miranda Rights were failed to be mentioned at the proper time.
  • The law enforcer did not have probable cause to halt, impede, and detain you.
  • The regulation of blood-alcohol testing equipment as not properly calibrated.
  • Testing was done during the absorptive phase (breath or urine test while actively absorbing alcohol) causing a defective test.


It is in your best interest to have an experienced attorney that will not only stand up for you and your rights, but work relentless to get you the best results. Here at Chicago Criminal Lawyer we have the capability to help you for your future.